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Dilemma in the decision on achalasia treatment

Botox – Dilatation – Heller Myotomy – POEM?

What is right for me?


Highly complex questions  and issues arise in this situation:

·         Some achalasia patients still experience a sense of unease after consulting their doctor.

·         What is the balance between the expected improvements and the risks?

·         Which studies are relevant for me? Studies on this topic have been conducted under highly varied conditions and can be interpreted in different ways.

·         Operations are irreversible treatments and are decisive cuts in life

·         How can I orientate myself?

·         Which doctor do I have sufficient confidence in?

·         What interests could play a role?

·         The proximity of the hospital and its treatment options?

·         What long-term effects can be expected?


The route to a decision

·         Clear diagnosis

·         Applying specific personal condition as a basis

·         Detailed patient briefing with the doctor

·         Addressing personal fears and concerns

·         Increasing knowledge regarding treatments

·         Informing yourself about the care landscape

·         Obtaining a second opinion

·         Contacting the health insurer

·         Requesting comparative statements from Achalasie-Selbsthilfe

·         Finally: Trusting your own gut instinct

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