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Membership brings advantages!

If you are interested in our patient support and you would like to become a member, you are welcome to do so here.

Simply print out the membership declaration pdf, complete it and send it to the pre-printed address.

What advantages do I enjoy as a member of Achalasie Selbsthilfe e.V.?

• Receipt of an emergency ID card

• Receipt of regular information on the website and through newsletters

• Receipt of the book “Leben mit Achalasie”
• Invitation to activities and member meetings

• Option of active participation through voluntary social commitment

• Membership fee delivers financial support to projects, such as the production of studies and articles

• Assistance not only for sufferers themselves, but also for their partners and family members

• Participation in the improvement of medical care structures in Germany and Europe

• Personal advice from the regional managers

• Information on the services offered by hospitals, clinics and practices

• Information and support prior to making decisions

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